Disposable People?

I was adopted at 3 weeks in Texas in 1958. My birth mother “Mona” was promised that I would be given a “forever family”, one that would provide a wonderful loving home where I would be treated as if I had been “born into it”.

What a crock!  In 1972 after my adoptive parents divorced the extended family and later my adoptive mother seemed to distance themselves from me. While I was still invited at times to family functions, they became far and few between until they stopped altogether. For over 20 yrs I was in all sense abandoned. This blog is an attempt by me to find other adoptees’ who have had similar experiences.


About loujeanstauffer

Born 31 May 1958 in Ft. Worth Texas. Relinquished for adoption 5 June 1958 and adoption finalized 18 Dec 1958.
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2 Responses to Disposable People?

  1. Lu Gualberto says:

    Reblogged this on She's Adopted and commented:
    I am thinking of you today, Loujean. I hope you’re ok 🙂 ♡

  2. AstridBeeMom says:

    Such promises, and outcomes, are still being made today to birthmothers. I’m so sorry.:(

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